Eric Salas Mentorship Programs

Private and Semiprivate Lessons or Online Mentorship

Have Eric as your personal mentor anytime you need him!


Private/Semiprivate lessons

Private lessons are developed to focus on specific issues and/or to help bring you up to speed prior to events. The advantage to a private lesson is pinpointing what is needed in developing and/or perfecting for the skills needed to present your dog. Any and all challenges can be addressed. The sky is the limit on what you and Eric will work on with you and your dog. Eric will identify challenges or weak points in your skill level and/or training techniques and design a program to develop those into your strongest points.

Private sessions by the hour

Fly drive or walk in with your dog, stay near Eric. bring your skills and confidence to next level. Grooming, behavior, handling or a combination of all for the same price. All Prices are in USD and are per person. Add additional people for $100.00 per person per session.

1/2 Hour session $125.00

1    Hour Session $250.00

2    Hour Session $400.00

3    Hour Session $600.00

4    Hour Session $800.00

Get an unedited video of your private session for $50.00 per session
bring an empty external hard drive. 

Private/Semiprivate Lessons

Spend entire days with Eric Salas:

Spend the entire day working with Eric anywhere in the world.

Eric will come to your kennel, a dog show in your area, or your home and increase your skills to the next level. Start with breakfast, spend the entire day solving challenges and getting answers. There is no limit on distance or topics that can be covered. Purchase multiple private sessions and save. These sessions can be spread out over any period of time. Pick important shows and have Eric with you the entire day! Any state, any country it will be like your personal canine university!

I am very flexible in meeting your needs to accomplish your goals. To get the biggest bang for the buck all Mentorship programs include online lessons for all paid bookings until I arrive at your location. It is my goal to prepare you for foundation skills so when I arrive, we are fine tuning with your hands-on portion of the lessons.

3 Days    $1,800.00
5 Days    $2,800.00
10 Days  $5,500.00

Price does not include lodging, meals or transportation.
Get an unedited video of your private sessions for $50.00 for all sessions
bring an empty external hard drive 

Spend the day with Eric Salas

Online Mentorship

Online Mentorship lessons with Eric Salas

Train with Eric Salas from any location in the world! Need a mentor for grooming, handling, performance issues and/or behavioral issues, help is only an email away!

*Attendees of Eric Salas 7-day Symposiums receive 6 months of online mentorship for free.

*Attendees of Eric Salas 2-day dog training workshops receive 1 month of online mentorship for free.

*Attendees of Eric Salas MasterClass receive a lifetime of online mentorship for free.

Getting Started:

Congratulations on your upcoming Mentorship program with Eric Salas via Online. Your lessons and mentorship can include the following topics:

A. Animal Behavior issues.

B. Fine tuning your connection with your dog.

C. Handling/Training techniques for any events.

D. Breed history/Breed standard education.

E. Grooming.

F. Ringside style mentorship for any and all events.

What is needed:

1 Download the App WhatsApp to your mobile devise.

2 Add Eric Salas to your contacts; Eric Salas +1 3605931200

3 Send the below information to Eric Salas through WhatsApp via text.


First Last Name

Country, State

Breed of dog

Current challenges 


How it works:

4. After receiving this information Eric Salas will send you lesson #1, please view this video in its entirety. The content on the video is progressive and goes from simple to complex. Do not skip or watch partial videos before you start your exercise.

5. Video you and your dog practicing the content in the video. Please film with your phone horizontally. Try to keep each video between 60 to 90 seconds.

6. You can send as many videos as you want, Eric  will review your videos as soon at possible and reply with feedback or advance you to the next lesson.

7. From time to time Eric may request a voice or video call via WhatsApp to explain in more detail. 

Online Mentorship training packages:

1 month of lessons   $100.00 USD

3 months of lessons $225.00 USD

6 months of lessons $300.00 USD

12 months of lessons $480.00 USD

Online Mentorship with Eric Salas

Doggie Bootcamp

Have a great dog? Having serious issues? Send your dog to Eric for a positive but effective training sessions. Don’t get frustrated just let Eric reprogram your dog and then start off without bad habits! 

All sessions will include a 2-hour session with you and your dog at the end of the training in person or via Internet session. Attend each day or one day with your dog for only an additional $250.00 per day.

3 Days    $1275.00
5 Days    $2000.00
10 Days  $3500.00

Note:  multiple days can be used when you need them. 

 Get a video of your private session for $100.00 for all sessions - bring an empty external hard drive 

Doggie Bootcamp with Eric Salas

To book your private session today please email Eric Salas at 


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100% Deposit due at time of booking, if paying by check the check must be cleared before training starts. If paying day of class, cash only.

Thank you


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